Premium Brown Leather Accordion Strap with Black Velour Padding

HUAJIN Saxophone Accordion Strap, Padded  accordion shoulder straps. Hand made in China with Brown leather and black velour padding. 

Hand made Velour padding  accordion straps are a great addition to anyone’s accordion. Our new slim range straps are made with  leather and are padded for extra comfort. They look great and they can fit almost any size, make and model of accordion. They come in a wide range of colours and styles.




* Material: Leather+ Velvet+ Neoprene

* Color: Brown+ black

* with Horseshoe Buckle, Edelweib Border

* Handmade in China

* 50mm wide where the strap fits over the shoulder

* Integral back strap to help  distribute the weight of your accordion

* 20mm thick velour lined padding



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