Classic Royal Bloom Jacquard Weave Guitar Strap with Hootenamy design

HUAJIN Royal bloom weave guitar strap series, this pattern of vintage style “hippie weave” jacquard guitar strap was made famous in the 1960’s and 70’s by the now defunct companies that made them famous. This pattern is often referred to as the “Hendrix” strap as, along with a few other definitive hootenanny woven bohemian guitar straps, this pattern was reportedly worn by the man himself. That is so cool.

We take the jacquard weave and sew it onto polyester material and finish it with streamlined ends with micro-fiber leather.

Each OMG Jacquard Strap is Made in China at our Factory workshop and shipped from factory.





* Size: 2″*54″

* Strap Material: Jacquard weave and Polyester back

* Ends Material: Micro-fiber leather

* Adjustable buckle with plastic material

* With Royal Bloom Patterns

* MOQ: 500pcs/design

* Packageing: 1pcs/transparent opp bag, 100pcst/carton

* Carton size: 50*40*30CM

* G.W:  15kgs

* Made in China



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